8 Tips to Heat Up Your Cool Relationship

8 Tips to Heat Up Your Cool Relationship

Relationship tips to avoid cool off relationship.

1. Every day is the Valentine’s Day

Love is a ritual. Voice the magical «I Love You» every day, every morning, and every night before you go to bed. The more you practice this ritual, the more intimate your love life becomes. Tell your partner what excites you the most and what you like the most. For instance, if your partner is a fanatic music follower, get tickets to the live concert for him/her. If he/she likes watching romantic movies, watch with him/her occasionally. Do these on your own accord and willingness.

You create your partner’s dreams.

2. Make the bedroom Hot

Men appreciate lingerie as they are «visual» beings. So men, talk your woman up during the day, that’s how most women prefer. However, every couple is different. So, you’ll need to find a formula that works best for you and your partner.

3. Physical Interaction

Studies show that happy couples usually communicate with each other through eye contacts, speaking in a soft tone, and also by utilizing various body languages. A cool relationship usually comes by when the couples are putting a distance between themselves. Interact frequently. Look at him/her with warm eyes and physically touch each other frequently.

4. Live Your Life With Passion

What keeps you excited and longing for tomorrow is when you live your life with passion. If you live your life without energy and enthusiasm, how hot could your relationship be? More likely to me that you’ll have a cool relationship.

5. Develop Your Spirituality

Practise a ritual together. A ritual is something that you do religiously at a specific interval. Do something that could increase your spiritual presence. This can be doing a prayer together, meditating, or could be as simple as reading a motivational book. Because love is intangible, spiritual connection is extremely important to heat up a cool relationship.

6. Virtualize a hot relationship

Virtualize means you not only see your dream relationship in your mind, you actually feel it happening. Keep your eyes closed and feel the warmth of your relationship. Make clear what you want. Clarity is power. You must reprogram your mind and lift your expectations. Virtualization puts the results ahead of time and makes your mind go after what you want in your relationship. As what said in Neuro Linguistic Programming, «If you can’t see it happening in your mind, you can’t see it happening in real life».

7. Choose to feel happy

There are many things that happen in life that we could not control. But we have the choice to be happy. Go back to your childhood. Do crazy things together and laugh together. As what Masters and Johnson cited, «good sex is like two children under the sheets». This is essential to prevent a cool off relationship.

8. Be yourself

We tend to show different personalities to different people in your life. However, you’ll need to strip off that mask in front of your loved one. Don’t treat every day as Halloween. Instead, treat it as Valentine’s!